FPT Cloud Connect
FPT Cloud Connect is an advanced leased line solution for businesses through a simple, efficient and secure connection to service applications, based on the most popular cloud computing providers on the market.
  • Separate connection not through the Internet environment to reduce the risk of attacks and exploits
  • Designed according to the model of the best solution (Best Practices) of global Cloud providers
  • Maximize cost savings, especially minimizing data transmission costs from Cloud providers to infrastructure in Vietnam
  • Increased stability and best latency take precedence over other channels
  • Direct connection to AWS Direct Connect , Google Cloud Interconnect, Oracle Fastconnect and Azure ExpressRoute in Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Indirect connection to over 140+ other channel and service providers in Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Supports Layer 2 and Layer 3 MPLS solutions
  • SLA commits up to 99.99% uptime

The advanced connectivity infrastructure, based on MPLS to support connecting between Vietnam and major international cloud providers.

cost saving

Effective Cost-Saving

Cost-effective connection in performance, reducing up to 60% of the construction cost in Virtual POP.

Quality Commitment up to 99,9%

Ability to define the plan and location. Directed connection with a wide range of bandwidth options - “Pay-as-you-go”.
reduce risk

Risks Minimization

Private connection to all available Cloud Providers, skipping the Internet environment, for the high security level of the connection channel.

Eco-System Diversity

Connecting up to 150+ Cloud, ISPs, partners, carriers, CDNs, and providing advanced solutions in order to connect to a customer’s private cloud.

Benefits from FPT Cloud Connect

fpt cc benefits-vn

FPT Cloud Connect supports following CSPs

Deployment model of FPT Cloud Connect

AWS Direct Connect High Resiliency - N+1 - 99.95% availability Model

AWS High-Resiliency

AWS Direct Connect Max Resiliency - 2N+2 - 99.99% availability Model

AWS Max-Resiliency

ExpressRoute - N+1 - 99.95% availability - High Resiliency Model

Azure High-Resiliency - n+1

ExpressRoute - 2N+2 - 99.99% availability - Max Resiliency Model

Azure Max-Resiliency - 2N+2

Interconnect - N+1 - 99.95% availability - High Resiliency Model

GCP High-Resiliency 99.95%

Interconnect - 2N+2 - 99.99% availability - Max Resiliency Model

GCP Max-Resiliency

Fastconnect - N+1 - 99.95% availability - High Resiliency Model

Oracle High-Resiliency 99.95%




Cloud Connect ensures maximum stability and support with FPT's diverse channel system.


Private connections help businesses prevent and be protected from hacker attacks via the Internet.


Simplify connecting to multiple clouds. Connect multisite from on-premises to Cloud or from Cloud to Cloud.


The ability to connect from multiple offices to branches around the world.

Offers from FPT Telecom International

Support upgrade Migration bandwidth

Free upgrade during On-Premises to Cloud transition

Free service experience up to 14 days

Terms and conditions apply

Competitive costs up to 30%

For services connecting to AWS and Google Cloud Platform in Singapore


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