FPT Cloud Hub Ecosystem

What is FPT Cloud Hub?

FPT Cloud Hub is an application ecosystem and service revolving around cloud computing developed by FPT International Telecommunication Company

FPT Cloud Hub provides advanced and quality solutions for businesses in Vietnam and the region with top criteria:

  • Increase the application experience of businesses and customers of the business
  • Optimize the cost of equipment, infrastructure and cloud computing platform
  • Supporting the construction and conversion of systems from classic platforms to advanced cloud infrastructure.
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Specific technology solutions for each requirement "in the cloud"

Each business always has special difficulties and needs, but finding the most optimal solution in terms of costs, operations, improving service quality, customer experience, and increasing revenue is always a difficult problem for CIOs/CTOs/IT Managers.


With the FPT Cloud Hub ecosystem, we not only support customers to migrate to the Cloud, but also focus on researching and delivering practical technology platforms and products, thoroughly solving enterprise's difficulties in the "cloud journey"

FPT Cloud Edge solution supports businesses with many branches to help optimize transmission costs, reduce operating costs, support centralized administration and enhance security.
FPT Cloud CDN solution supports acceleration and security for online applications and games to provide a fast, stable, engaging and secure playing experience for players.
FPT Cloud Connect solution supports banks and financial companies to connect exclusively, securely and to ensure SLA from on-premises data center to the Cloud.
FPT Cloud Consulting solution helps edutech companies and schools take advantage of Cloud technology (AWS Cloud) to digitally transform learning processes and applications for students and lecturers.

FPT Cloud Hub Ecosystem

Including applications, services and prizes must be partial or package for businesses

FPT Cloud Connect

Private transmission channel for businesses on MPLS Layer 2/Layer 3 technology connected from Vietnam to popular Cloud providers in the country and internationally such as FPT Higio Cloud, FPT Smart Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, etc.
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FPT Cloud Edge

SD-WAN as a Service solution of FPT Telecom International to provide small and medium-sized equipment, operation, and management services based on SD-WAN technology of Aruba Edgeconnect.
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FPT Cloud Shortpath

Public Gateway service is optimized by separate connection to international popular cloud suppliers such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Suitable for businesses that want to speed up applications for users in Vietnam.
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FPT Zero Client

Service of providing Zero Client equipment and solutions for businesses to optimize costs, enhance the expansion capacity based on infrastructure and equipment provided entirely by FPT Telecom International.
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The CDN solution from FPT Telecom International on the application platform of the world's leading CDN provider - CloudFlare.
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FPT Cloud Consulting

Consulting, operating services from On-premises infrastructure to the world's largest cloud supplier - Amazon Web Services.
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FPT Cloud Backup & Replication

The solution supports customers to meet the standards of security, flexibility, optimal cost without incurring hidden charges, and high availability from many environments; and in particular, comply with government decree data localization requirements.
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FPT Cloud Governance

The solution offers smart visibility that gives you a visual view of your costs, helping to maintain security and compliance, and optimize resources. FPT Cloud Governance is based on Cloudcheckr - NetApp technology to help you manage single or multi-cloud infrastructure most conveniently.
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Google Workspace

Google Workspace solutions for businesses and educational institutions seamlessly integrate everything needed for teams and individuals to get work done in the same storage area, anywhere at home or office.
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FPT Telecom International is a Advanced Tier partner of AWS in Vietnam

FPT Telecom International has implemented more than 40 large and small projects for businesses in Vietnam. With AWS Network Competency capability brings the reputation of the capacity to supply and deploy Direct Connect service to many financial businesses, domestic and international banks.

The beginnings

Cost Optimization
FPT Telecom always stands on the role of the business to provide optimal solutions to cut operating costs.
Absolute trust
Preventive solutions are always concerned as the main plan to bring trust for business services.
Maximum efficiency
Advice on expanding and accelerating the application of the business to bring the highest efficiency.
Infrastructure security and application are always one of the important factors that FPT Telecom always aims for.

Infrastructure connects to the Global Cloud supplier

Telecommunication infrastructure covers 61/63 provinces.

With the 5 largest undersea cable routes and 1 cross-border land cable line, FPT Telecom International International has connections to more than 30 international cloud computing providers such as: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Azure, Oracle, Alibaba Cloud, Cisco, IBM etc. Especially more than 80Gbps directly to AWS and GCP

Gigabit Per Second
International Cloud provider

FPT Telecom International is Cloudflare's Professional Service Partner in Vietnam

FPT Cloud Hub is the only partner that can deploy Magic Transit – a cybersecurity solution that provides DDoS protection, traffic acceleration, and more from any Cloudflare data center – for connections on- premises, cloud-hosted and hybrid and is a partner providing professional services according to customized solution packages with customers.
Cloudflare increases the speed of accessing websites and applications by adding a copy to their CDN server system.
FPT Cloud Hub is the only partner that can deploy Magic Transit – a cybersecurity solution that provides DDoS protection, traffic acceleration, and more from any Cloudflare data center – for connections on- premises, cloud-hosted and hybrid.
FPT Telecom is currently the largest and direct ISP peering with Cloudflare POP in Vietnam, which provides a stable and fast experience for the end users of Cloudflare customers.
Cloudflare security services enable anything – and everyone – to connect to the Internet without requiring any complicated diagram or setup.
Project Development Team
Developed and operated by the management team with a lot of experience in B2B and highly specialized in network infrastructure, virtualization and cloud computing platforms

FPT Cloud Hub: A solution ecosystem towards cloud computing

Certifications & Partners

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